Thursday, 21 February 2013

Extremely unfit

hi guys,
The last time I was in the gym was october. Previous i had been going for about 3 years on and off. However i do not think i got the best out of the gym, as i did not know really how to get to the body shape that i wanted. Recently thought i have had a huge urge to rejoin which in my case isn't great considering i don't really have any gyms nearby me. I live in stratford which has just housed the olympics but strangely no gyms around. I thought about running outside and while going a few times it eventually faded to nothing whilst having a lot of uni work and stress on me. Recently i've discovered  a few fitness channels on youtube and started doing there work outs. The lean machines are great guys who show such passion for fitness and are extremely knowledgeable and i would highly rate these guys if you are looking to get tips on how to get to your desired weight or to lose from a specific area with the boys giving great advice on exercising a certain area such as your stomach. So over the next few weeks, now that uni isn't so bad i will try to get out on the road running, hopefully there will be nicer weather. I will try to cut back on how much junk food i eat. I'm a sucker for sweets especially raspberry bon bons and alcohol. Good luck for anyone else trying to get into shape for summer. 

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