Saturday, 9 February 2013

Why music is important

hi guys,
 so i though i would explain why music is important to me which i think i can explain quite well. There are things that i cant really say out loud, yet listening to music feels like a release.  It feels like i am saying stuff through my choice of music or a song. Which could say more about me then properly more than my friends know about me. Listening to say professor greens read all about it means a lot to me because of problems with my father, its strange in a way that one song could bring back a lot of emotions that maybe you have never through about , but with a song it seems to come to mind more. This is why i think Adele has done so well, people have a connection with her music because they identify her music with a person and therefore it means more to them than other music. I feel music as a release one of the best forms of escapism and a good form of therapy in some cases.

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