Monday, 25 March 2013

Asos shopping

Hi guys,
So last week there was a student event on ASOS with 25 per cent off. Even with 25 per cent off the amount still came to 112. Which isn't too bad for the amount i got. 
This top i though was really good and with summer coming up shorts seem to be patterned and some days its hard to try and find stuff to match patterned shorts so this top should go quite well with alot of things.
Asos- 12.00 without discount  
This blazers is good for summer with my other blazer being more of an earth tone this seems to be a good blazer for the days in summer where it isn't too hot.
Asos- 75 without discount
The waist coat use to be a big no from me. They were always associated with work. Normally blue or black but this grey blazer is a good balance of colour and with go with a lot. 
Asos- 18 pound
These swim shorts are so snazzy i like the multiple colours but the man reason i like these swim shorts is length. I'm against board shorts. There too long give no real shape and always seem to fall down. 
asos - 8 pound
This top is just amazing. Combining my favourite retro game ( apart from PAC man) on my favourite pass time ( clothes).
Asos- 28 pound
I am looking forward to getting a real job, currently a student, so i can get more money to buy more clothes. I will also do more real social stuff then.

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