Saturday, 30 March 2013


Hi guys,
Now that my uni  year is drawing closer to end i should post more. So today i went shopping in cardiff. I checked out the new vintage fair in cardiff while very very small, compared to London, there was a few good things. Here are a few things i have seen on line that i like and a few things from the stores i saw today. I didn't buy anything as its coming up to my 21st birthday and i'm trying to find a really nice outfit for the occasion.

Reilly Totem T-Shirt- as0s on sale at 35.00 normally 75

 A Question Of Pop Cult T-Shirt asos on sale for 20.oo normally 40.00
Horace Dog Tri T-Shirt asos on sale 21.00 normally 50.00 
Asos 9.00 

Topman blue denim shirt with peace signs  -36.00 
river island - white diamond print t-shirt - 18.00
Inverted cross and pentacle kitten t shirt - tee island - amazon - 9.99 


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