Saturday, 29 June 2013

Acne - l'oreal men expert

As a thirteen year old my skin was just starting to become very very spot prone. Oh how i look back now and wonder why at 10 did i want spots. I think because so many people had them i felt that i was missing out on a right of passage. My sister had serious acne. I went to the doctors, but my sister just suffered through the acne.I honestly think that she didn't care about her skin or what others though but i did.  Going to the doctors didn't really help me either, i had most of the drugs and the cream and nothing really work. It was only when i started to come to university did the spots start to retreat. Even now i still get spots and blackheads, there a huge pain in my arse. Now, at this very present moment in time, i have a huge spot and lots of little ones. It has made me revert to the 13 year old me. Constantly looking in the mirror or feeling that people are looking at my spot. Im going to try and use L'oreal paris men expert deep exfoliating gel wash anti- blocked pores ( 5 pound at amazon)  and l'oreal men expert pure & matte moisturising gel ( 7 pound )
to try and get my skin into a better condition. Both of these are for oily skin which due to genetics pass down to me i have acquired.  I shall keep you up to date with the process.

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