Friday, 12 July 2013

margam park

So last weekend on my visit home me , my mum and stepdad went to Margam park. Its a huge area of land which use to be an estate I guess. It is just outside of port talbot which is about a 20/30 minute drive from cardiff. We went on sunday before the wimbledon final which of course being a huge tennis fan i had to watch. The weather was amazing, really hot but not to unbearable. It was only 4 pound to park the car and free entry. They had loads of little things to do and see and while i didn't catch them all on my phone camera i think my stepdad did on his camera which i will have to steal when i go back next which is looking to be around early august as i have graduation next weekend so my family are visiting me in London. Anyway Margam park is a must visit place for people of all ages. It had a farm area which lots of farm animals, my sister would have loved the small ponies after seeing them on the three mobile advert but unfortunately couldn't join us on the day.  They also had an amazing tree walking, zipline adventure area called go ape. It looked amazing and was only 30 pound for about 3 hours but as we didn't notice this till late we decided to wait and come back with more family as i know it will be amazing with a big group of us all. Here is the link to the go ape website.

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