Thursday, 5 September 2013

Cardiff mardi gras

So my visit to cardiff happened to fall on Cardiff Mardi Gras and the Saturday that it was on i had arranged to go with my two sisters into town to go shopping. It had just been my little sisters birthday which me and my older sister missed. She lives with my dad, therefore is a half sister technically, so we drove up to where she live in caerphilly to pick her up. My sister drove as I can't drive and have no real desire to get behind a wheel of a car any time soon. I've never tried to learn because I don't particularly feel that I need a car. After picking her up we parked in cardiff city centre and went on to queen street which is where most of the pictures are taken. We happened to catch the last of the parade which was a good surprise as we had no real intention of watching but was actually quite good. After the parade we went into a few shops, I didn't buy anything which is sad but my sisters bought quite a bit and my older sister bought my little sister a birthday present. I didn't for two reasons. First, I am skint. Second, her and my little brother are spoilt. They would have no appreciation for what I would have got them and to be quite frank I don't want to spend my money on people who wouldn't value it. So Carly did. We then went for food in TGI Friday's which was so lush. There food while not being healthy at all is so amazing that it's allowed on a bad day. I shared the sesame chicken strips with my sister and then I had a Canadian Burger which was so good. I have a new found love for Maple syrup. After that we went around a bit more before going into HMV where I saw the big bang theory stuff. I'm a huge Big bang theory fan. It's smart, funny and has amazing character interactions just like friends use to have. After this I went home and just chilled at home and then we watched Paul. 

Here is mine and charlottes new video. Have a watch and press subscribe. It's from our Hyde park day which I will put up in a upcoming post. Enjoy and TTFN. 

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