Friday, 13 September 2013

Regents park stroll.

After Camden we had a wander down to Regents park. I had never been there before but Charlotte had just been there to go to London zoo with her family. The park itself was really big but not as big as hyde park but the fact they had a Zoo in the park is a major bonus. Even though we didn't go to the Zoo we could still see the penguins from outside. It has made me want to visit there so hopefully before I leave London I will get the chance to as I love animals. I have a cat, well my mum has a cat, that normally drives me crazy but she is still my cat.  We also got to take blog photos here and hopefully you agree with me that the photos are really nice. I think charlotte  has just put up the photos of her that I took. Camden and the area surrounding I think is stunning and seems to be a lovely area to live. This means its properly an expensive place to live but oh well a boy can dream. Enjoy. 


  1. Unas fotos geniales!!
    Abrazo, Germán

  2. WOW! Me encantan las fotos! <3

  3. Great place to spend your day!