Monday, 2 September 2013

Songs of the week 2.9.2013

Monday mornings are horrible. The end of the weekend the beginning of the working week, for people who have a job. New music then is salvation. Down below is a few on my favourite tracks this week also as you can see from my post yesterday me and my flatmate/bestriend charlotte  have started a youtube channel. We decided to do it about early August but we didn't get around to actually filming it due to other stuff always getting in the way. We did film another video but unfortunately the camera went rather strange so every minute the screen gets blurry. Honestly filming it was so funny and even if it gets zero views the whole process of making a film and editing it I have found quite fun. Although editing on a coach properly wasn't the best idea when i can get travel sick sometimes. Hopefully as we continue to make videos I will get better at editing and I need to get more memory for my computer. I got a macbook air 2013 and I didn't realise I can't upgrade it which if i'm honest has really pissed me off. I wish i had got a macbook pro but oh well i have learnt not to trust apple employees who just want me to spend tons of money on a laptop.
 John newman - cheating

Eminem - bezerk

Miguel - Adorn (feat . Jessie Ware)

Olly murs - Right place right time.

London grammar - Strong.

Natalia kills - outta time.

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