Sunday, 8 September 2013

We get back to my house, your arms, my mouth, now I just stop myself around you

Jacket - Forever 21 mens. Long sleeved t-shirt- ASOS.  Necklace - Topman. Bag- River Island. 
Jeans- River island.  Boots- Republic. 
As you can tell from the photo directly above my boots are destroyed. Not just made to look that way but the heels have been completely ruined however I like that. It shows how much I have worn these shoes and they properly are my favourite pair of footwear. Having bought them 3 years ago now they have lasted really well!!! If republic was still in operation and still sold these boots I would buy like 4 pairs they pretty much go with anything and did not rub or hurt at all when I first bought them. 
The jacket was a brand new buy from forever 21 and i've been dying to wear it. I don't like leather jackets on me so this is kinda, for me anyway, like a biker look. Enjoy TTFN x

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