Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Arcade love.

Arcades are amazing. How could you not want to win giant bars of Dairy milk or Toblerone! As a child and even know really I love to go into arcades and go on the 2 and 1 penny machines. I Very rarely get the chance to do it. It seems like a very sea side town thing. I remember every year when we would go on holiday there use to be a Arcade in Cardiff airport which I always use to run to once we got to departures. 
  The other night me, my cousin and her boyfriend went to the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff. It's a food and entertainment place in Cardiff Bay. We went to the Oriental Gardens which is a all you can eat Chinese which was not the greatest. Normally the food is beautiful but when we went it was a bit bland and the lemon chicken was really dry. After that we went into the arcade which is attached to the Hollywood bowling.  We tried to win a despicable me toy but we couldn't quite get it, the claw is fixed to drop it I think. 
It's actually quite nice being back in Cardiff I've done a lot of stuff and I start my job tomorrow so more clothes soon !!! I really want a long black coat or a leather jacket. Enjoy.

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  1. cool! nice post, love arcades too

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