Monday, 21 October 2013

Have a Layout.

If you know me well, you know how I can sometimes get frustrated shopping.There are a few essential things I want from a shop. It has to flow well between areas and not just directly feel like clothes on a rail placed in a space. For me a few high street stores don't quiet understand this principle. They also don't understand that less is more. Instead placing as much stock onto a rail as possible in the hope that we as consumers will rummage through. I wish I could say I'm a rummager but I'm not. I loathe sale shopping, I quickly get frustrated by not finding an item I love. That's why during sales I try and shop online however this is just for sale. There is nothing like seeing clothes in person and that's why I will always prefer to go into stores. So when I go into the store all ready with a negative attitude and outlook i'm never going to buy anything.So please invest some time and though into your stores. There is a science to shopping. Plan(Layout), Product and Price. The three P's.

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