Friday, 4 October 2013


Nature has a huge effect on almost everything. On the fashion industry and what we wear on a day to day basis, nature dedicates a lot. From the weather to what material is made out of nature is a huge part and inspiration to Fashion. Looking around at clothing items, twenty percent off everything at Topman until 12, I saw there was a lot of T-shirts and jumpers which have animals or patterns inspired by animals. I found a few that Particularly stood out to me,  enjoy.

ABANDON SHIP All Over Kittens T-Shirt.

CUCKOOS NEST Peacock T-shirt. 

CUCKOOS NEST Birds Of Paradise T-Shirt. 

Rook 'Gold Gummer" Sweatshirt. 
Who doesn't love the jaws movie. 

Givenchy Doberman-Print Cotton Jersey T-Shirt.


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