Monday, 11 November 2013

songs of the week. 11.11.2013

Hello there. Sorry I've been rubbishing uploading recently but i've been really busy in work and if you don't live in the UK i have to inform you that the weather is quite bleak at the moment. Rain just doesn't seem to stop falling from the skies. So musically, Artpop has been released and I will post my verdict soon once i have had a decent listening to it. In the mean time here are my songs of the week.
Martin Garrix - Animals

KEANE NOT LILY ALLEN- Somewhere Only We Know. I do love lily allen but the original to me will always be classic and heart wrenching.

Celine Dione - Loved Me Back to Life.

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire.

Eminem - Brainless. - the album has to be one of/ the best this year.

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