Sunday, 1 December 2013

Winter Wonderland in London

Winter Wonderland is a pre-christmas essential. Situated in hype park next to the serpentine the smell of roasted chestnuts can get even the biggest grinches into the christmas mood. I'm a sucker for market stalls, rollercoasters and food so Winter Wonderland is perfect for me.

Although the fudge looked beautiful it was overwhelming strong in taste. I had chocolate and mint. The mint was screamingly strong. Toothpaste overload to the max.

The one thing that stood out to me was the blueberry wine. I wish my curiosity had got the better of me but unfortunately I was being a whinging idiot. Timing is everything when your visiting london for the day and I wanted to do as much as possible.

Despicable me has to be one of my favourite children's films for a while. My sister loves it more than me and These toys would be perfect for her for christmas. 

This "Santa" was actually quite creepy. Laughing hysterically and throwing itself all over the place is not how I remember Mr Clause.

If I was allowed to wear these wooden ties to work I would have bought one. There very distinctive and unquie in

This was the rollercoaster that me and charlotte went on it was exactly the same as the crazy mouse at normal fairs but indoors.

After our long day around London we went back to Winter Wonderland where we had a Cider and a mulled wine and if you go on to my Instagram you can see the fun we had at the Bavarian Village. 

Hat- Republic. Glasses- Ray Ban, Denim Jacket- Holloway Road at River Island. Necklace and Shirt-Topman. Top- Primark.

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