Thursday, 6 March 2014

Next Summer Collection.

Hey. So you would think that working at next I would be biased towards them. However if you look at my everyday wardrobe I have one jumper, the blue/teal jumper in the top left corner. I do obviously have suit trousers and shirts from work which I do honestly love. Working in the clothes means its essential the clothing is good quality and it really is. The waistcoat and trousers I have are comfortable and stylish. My graduation suit was from next and I bought that before I started working there.
So looking for summer I found a lot of colourful pastel shorts and shirts for summer. The brown colour palette suit is my favourite suit of there extensive collection. Especially when you add in the retro shirts.
There collection sometimes seems to suit the older generation but this season I can see a lot more that would easily fit into my ever expanding wardrobe. Hopefully my stepdad can be convinced to bulid me a bigger wardrobe soon. Enjoy.

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