Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday sunshine

On mothers day, after the lunch and time spent with the family I went to meet Charlotte in Cardiff town. It was a particularly lovely day as British summer time had just officially started, so it was lovely that we had more time in the sun.
 Getting my camera back as well from my sister who had taken it to New York was particularly inspiring. Not that Cardiff is as photogenic as New York but taken photos can always been inspiring.
We walked into the castle grounds where she had a particularly funny phone call. Some of the photos below show how emotional Charlotte gets with her hands. We then went to pica pica for all sorts of alcohol with watermelon liqueur in. This being the new banana liqueur, that at the time we loved but we still desire for it to pass into our bloodstream very soon. Watermelon liqueur however rocks. There are a few photos which remind me of alice in wonderland. Like the red and white flowers, not sure if the roses or not. I'm not really a flowers person. I love the look of them but names just get expelled from my brain quite quickly. The adventure/play part of the castle grounds was quite hilarious. A little tipsy charlotte wondering why she can't walk a blank straight was quite a highlight. There should be more on charlottes blog  sometime soon. Hopefully by wednesday. Enjoy.

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