Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Happy & songs of the week.

My mood can change pretty quickly. With some many variables that affect us its nice to sometimes just take a second and enjoy something simple. For me it's music, friends, family ( well some of them anyway) , and shopping. Which is pretty much what my blog is for. 
Music associated with people is quite common for me. Here are some of mine. You may not recognise the name but they have all been in my blog or are going to be.

Sugar - Flo Rida 
This song reminds me too much of Hannah Gill. 

Teen Idle - Marina & the diamonds
The Sewell. Too many songs have been sung with her.
Super bass - Nicki minaj
I got a feeling - Black eyed peas 
doing fergie with the family. 
Raining men - rhianna and nick minaj
Gym time with Sam Nedrud.
Gas pedal - Sage the Gemini 
You know who you are. wiggle like your trying to make your ass fall off. 

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