Sunday, 13 July 2014

tell me your favourite things.

If your like me and you wake up in a real foul mood, with no real reason behind it,  then sometimes it's real hard to escape that mood. Staying in and eating junk food doesn't always help and when my friends invited me to the Cardiff Food Festival I jumped at the opportunity to get out. Thankfully being with my friends really perked me up. The food and drink was amazing. Brownies I swear are like heaven.  Then I went and saw my beautiful goddaughter who is the most cute and tiny baby ever. She has made me quite broody which is terrifying. That will not be happening for a while I hope. 

I wore my new H&M tee for comfit and black jean shorts with my vans. We did a bit of walking but sometimes its just perfect to have a lazy day. Enjoy. 

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