Thursday, 21 August 2014

Boy I know you really really wanna play.

Here are some of the items I am loving from where I work, Next. Some of the things I have picked i already have for uniform there. One of the main things I think Next is good at is the quality of there clothes. It is so important that your able to wear the clothes more than 3 times before it disintegrates  in the wash. I also have a pet hate where I hate when the colour of the clothes fades. Which all of my clothes,which I wear on a regular basis, from here honestly haven't done. The plum suit that I just have which is just on the right hand side is beautiful. Such a rich plum colour. The only downfall is that there is no waistcoat to go with it. As autumn approached I love the idea of darker colours, not that I wear bright colours in summer, being able to incorporate that more with suits and shirts I personally feel is so much more manly than the cotton suits and brighter colours of summer. Boots are also a love of mine and picking just a single pair to pinpoint is very hard. Autumn/Winter is definitely my favourite season. So bring on the cold.

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