Monday, 1 September 2014

Baby look at us. we've been loving like angels , loving like devils.

H&M David Beckham Bodywear.
Loungewear is so important. Comfit and still presenting yourself well can be tough. No one wants to be caught in a dirt old top and there worn underpants. David Beckhams new collection for H&M is a sure fire way to present yourself at home. As well as his boxers and briefs there is everything below. I love lounging around in PJ shorts. Having lost, I have no idea how, my favourite cotton shorts a while back I have been looking for a new pair. The thing that caught my eye was the colour blue Marl. Normally its black, white or grey or superhero PJ for me, so the blue marl pj shorts seem perfect for me.  Having picked up the wrong style of underwear last time I think it's going to be boxer briefs and in the blue colours. So thanks David.  H&M also have a 25 per cent off one item till the 7.9.2014 online and in-store when you use the code. 2200.

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