Friday, 19 December 2014

I remember how I used to Christmas .

Joy. Excitement. Relief. Now just nothing. My job swallows up pretty much all of that joy. Which is disgusting. Christmas is about spending time with your family, relaxing and just this almost  universal ( grinch taken into consideration) feeling of excitement. 
Presents - Giving presents for me is one of the best parts of christmas. Yet some people get so wound up over it, it must really drain. Buy for people you love. Why buy a billion presents for people you don't even like? It should be enjoyable. It should be easy as you should know the person your buying for. 
Tree- Real all the way. Fake are just that fake. Says it all on the tin.
Decorations - Never too many, It shouldn't be tacky just classical. Gold and red.
Christmas Dinner - Beef and turkey as I couldn't choose between the two.
Christmas Drinks - Bucks fizz and cocktails in the night but more christmas themed cocktails not like summery ones. It's not time for sex on the beach just yet.
Jumpers - The christmas jumper is Essential. All grumpy people should be forced into one.
My one for this year is my work christmas jumper.
Next -Reindeer jumper.
I do however love these ones. 



River island 

Anyway who. I hope you all have the christmas you deserve. As work is pretty much my Christmas except for that one beautiful day off. Even then I know have three early starts Boxing day onwards so will be anxious about them . Spare a though for all the retails workers this christmas. Enjoy your Christmas. 

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