Thursday, 7 May 2015

A foreign sun my eyes thought I’d never see.

If you live in cardiff, you can tell by the fact there is a sun that these were not recently taken. Three weeks ago during a day off me and Charlotte wanted to do something. So why not cardiff bay, Sunbathing, cards and cider. There was a very awkward moment when charlotte didn't have a bottle opener and when she decide to become David Attenborough and record me but we've gotten over that now. It really got me thinking of summer. What do i want to do? I've already booked V festival which I honestly can't wait for but it feels like the year I travel abroad again, finally. I've waited three years so I'm going. My preparation in the gym starts tomorrow. All junk food has gone out the fucking window and this year I'm going to do it for myself. I put all this effort in for things that don't even matter but the one thing that would properly make me more comfortable in myself and I find any excuse not to do it.  Then theres the question of where. Where? Suppose I better start looking at places and new clothes... and who I'm going to drag with me.


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