Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Baby bend over , let me see you do that yoga.

Working in a retail can be mentally taxing, especially if your like me. Pretty much everyday I'm fighting mentally too not buy everything. From shoes to tie hangers, It's a pretty cruel job. One thing I do love in Next is there shoes. Well I pretty much just love all shoes but Next shoes are really high quality. The three below are what I've had my eye on for a while and I may treat myself once I've got paid. There signature items such as the blue/white stripe shorts and there Geo print two piece are also really really nice. Next doing a rather nice two piece was a surprise and honestly until I started to work on mens I didn't really look at there clothes. It's kind of like a safety thing. I would only go to certain stores as they were deemed cool. Now I can see that we do do the classic men's wear pieces really well, classic V necks and polos, Jeans and shorts. Which every man should have. 

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