Sunday, 27 January 2013

Cabin in the woods- Spoilers.

Directed by drew Goddard and Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy and director of the hugely successful avengers movie,  this horror/comedy is a far cry from a classic horror or in that case any horror at all. The title gives pretty much the normal horror story away with the not so blunt "twist" given away pretty much straight away. While i liked the obvious hints at other classic horror movie the movie became a bit stale for me pretty much from the start. For me i would have cut out showing the underground bit or subtlety hint at it not just show it all and in a way no real likeable characters are there except for Whedon's use of a angel cast member, Fred, Amy Acker.  Then the two characters left are not at all likeable and there being no logic behind there final choice. The film though is quite funny in places which it does intend to be and seems to get lost in wither its suppose to be a comedy and taking the piss out of horror movies or just a horror. There are some really good parts though and generally genius with the release of the all the nightmare monsters being particular a highlight.
Final verdict - 5 out of ten. Maybe modifying the start of the film but leaving the second half the film would have been a better film and maybe more of a horror and no so torture porn this film could have been the clever horror film it was suppose to be.


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