Thursday, 24 January 2013

sliver linings playbook

Poster= disappointing. Film = No where near disappointing. The story line. Just released from a mental ward pat (bradley cooper) is wanting to see his wife who cheated on him before he went into the mental ward. however due to a restraining order he can't see her and the fact she has moved away. while staying at his parents house he tries to "fix himself" by becoming the person his wife wants him to be.  This beautiful film demonstrates mental health and aspects of dealing with mental health so well yet at the heart of the movie is bradley cooper and Jennifer Lawrence characters growth into something more. Both actors are more than deserving in nominations and Jennifer Lawrence's win in the golden globes is extremely right with her stealing the show with her erratic and emotional performance of a extremely damaged young widow. However the supporting cast is just as dynamic as these too and Robert de Nero as pat's father is a great addition to the cast.

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