Thursday, 24 January 2013

The spending continues.

hi ,  
pimark- 15 pound.
 Yesterday evening i went to the local shopping centre. Westfield's which is attached to the 2012 olympic village. Me and a friend met and went for food in giraffe. Which i'm pleased to say was lovely. Even if the waitress didn't quite understand what we were saying, The mangers where lovely (we had a 40 per cent off coupon) and the food and drink were amazing. I should have taken pictures but i was too busy catching up. I had the falafel burger and chips and a mango and lime daiquiri which was amazing. we had 50 per cent off these drinks as well which was really good. The only thing thought is that there isn't much variety in the food it seems very restricted in that there isn't a lot on the menu. However my meal and i'm told my friends were really nice.
After the catch up we went shopping and i bought a jumper from primark which is really nice an was only 15 pound.  I'm also going to buy a top from  the one with the feathers as i really like it. This also will be my first online shop ever. Hopefully it doesn't take to long to arrive.
Song wise i downloaded for free a mixtape (happy neon) from here its from a artist called neon hitch. Its worth a listen to it. i particularly like born to be remember.
im going home to cardiff this weekend so excited.

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