Sunday, 6 January 2013

music of 2012- part 2

Other artist who impressed me this year were Aiden Grimshaw, Misty eye,  he was on x factor so i was extremely surprised at how not mainstream but still pop he was and that he didn't try to jump on the kings of Leon/ killers route and he wrote all off own songs.
favourite song off the misty eye album =
Even though the album didn't sell that well, I have hope that he will do another album as critics generally liked it and so they should as it was a enjoyable album.

Keane - Hopes and fears has to be one of my favourite albums of all time but recently there last album perfect symmetry was a disappointment for me just because of how much i loved there previous two albums. I hoped that Strangeland would be a return to form with the song writing and piano led songs being a huge force on this album what i got was the first three songs being for me, amazing. The chorus were amazing and really catchy but the rest of the album was forgettable. Nothing stood out or if i listened to it which i tried to make myself do it turned into me being bored around 1 minute into the song and turning over.
favourite song from Strangeland- disconnected.

P!nk for me this year showed that she is a true idol of music with 5 albums and a greatest hits album out she produced for me her greatest album in The truth about love. It has so much spunk and shows that even from cant take me home she still has the fiery personality  and amazing songwriting skills which when combine bring a song to life. She should be who young artist's look up to as she has true staying power, an amazing voice and is one amazing performer . I was gutted not to be able to see her preform at the itunes festival but can only hope my friends have brought me the tickets to her show for my birthday. cheeky request there.
favourite song off The truth about love- Walk of shame


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