Sunday, 6 January 2013

reality tv

Know i know this is quite snobby and dickhead like but god i hate reality TV. I mean i can deal with the ten minutes of I'm a celeb when they actually do the trial as seeing people totally shitting themselves when you know they can't be harmed in any way is quite hilarious . But to watch an hour of big brother which when i was like 14-15 i use to do makes me want to go back in time and slap myself and then tell my fat arse to go running or do push ups. These "Celebrities" are hungry for money as you can tell by Heidi and Spencer being in there two people who have craved for fame since they were in diapers. BTW anyone who wants to torture someone for about 50 minutes get Heidi's album its called Superficial and is beyond torture actually think water boarding with vodka. So basically watch the ten minutes when these "celebrities" are being humiliated and then turn over and watch something worth watching like boardwalk empire or Fringe ( which is kinda sci-fi turn thriller turn cop drama).

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