Sunday, 6 January 2013

music of 2013- part 3

Albums to avoid.

Rita Ora - ORA

This album made me feel sad. A whole 3 years since being signed to Roc Nation i though it would be so much better and the two singles R.I.P and Party and Bullshit were i though good indications that we were on course for a huge star just as big as Rihanna maybe. Even though party and bullshit was quite generic, a part of the huge band of songs to be released encouraging youngster like me to party and drink more, it was one of the better songs and R.I.P was i though her genre. But these two songs and another Sia written club song were the ONLY good songs on the album the other songs were frankly too boring, the production was terrible(, or generally was a cast off Rihanna song like 5 years ago (good girl gone bad era). Basically if your thinking of buying ORA buy Rihanna's album unapologetic you will like it more, its more experimental and has everything on it. Rita go back to drake and ask him to write more songs like RIP for you.

Ladyhawke- anxiety

This pains me to write, but this was not a second album that i wanted to hear. This is like Duffy's endlessly its boring nothing pops out and it seems that her anxiety about her second album may have taken over much more as it seems very safe and frankly after her 1st album this is shit. The songs seem quiet and maybe not as pop but more processed and refined which isn't ladyhawke.

Nicki Minaj - pink Friday... Roman reloaded .

Rapper. Singer. Judge? This album for me was in two parts. The rap half and the pop part. The pop part was bad. Marylin Monroe, stupid hoe and beautiful sinner were a few words chucked together and lets hope something good comes out of it. In Stupid hoe's case, a blunt stab at lil Kim, which after listening to made me think that maybe Nicki was looking in a mirror. If she though that would please my ears. But the rap half was for me what i wanted from her Nicki Minaj rapping its why i bought pink Friday and i hoped that the whole album would be like this. But after gathering chart success with her club bangers i doubt Nicki will ever go back to a full rap album as its easy to get a chart topper with a dance track a the moment. However Champion is a song that needs recognition as its features and her heart on it show that this is what Nicki should be doing.  After watching the E special i was taken back. It showed the amazing ego and the aftermath of that row with the Queen of Diva Mariah Carey. All i could think of was that we lost another amazing artist to money and ego.

These three albums for me stood out the most as disappointments. TTFN

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