Monday, 7 January 2013

Project X

This film pretty much is what every adult think happens when they leave there 17 year old in the house for the night. In reality nothing this bad happens. Imagine Superbad (but that film was enjoyable) without the middle bit or any characters that are likeable. At all. Just skip to the end at the house party. This house party although is crazy. Theres drugs, drink, naked girls in the pool and three losers who think this will turn around there whole loser tag. What starts out as a party that could easily happen turns into something unreal with the filmmaker just throwing in stuff to make it more stupid. There is no real plot other than to see how bad the party gets. Why the main character is friends with his friends is a mystery to me, some of his actions are extremely stupid and not plausible. Then just to top it off the police and the drug dealer with the flamethrower. I have one question.  Why? Surely the drug dealer would have a gun.  The fathers reaction is none existencing. So basically his house, his work and his car being destroyed would make him react in a more violent way.i mean i'm not asking for the father to beat the crap into the son but surely he would have shouted. Then to top it off the son basically says he doesn't care. Let down. three out of ten

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