Monday, 7 January 2013

Songs of the week- 07.01.2013

I will post every monday songs, old and new that this week I will be listening to a lot properly. At the moment there is a serious lack of new releases which does bug me. Its always around christmas that no new music comes out and for me I need constant new music.
So here are a few songs that i'm listening to

  • one republic - secrets . 

I remember hearing this song about 3 years ago but only really discovered it when watch a film called the sorcerous apprentices. Which is a cheesy disney film with Nicholas Cage in it.

  • Laura Mvula - Like the morning dew 

This i received from iTunes for single of the week. Thanks Apple its been weeks since we had a good free song and this demonstrates the voice of Laura Mvula who will have a big 2013. Listen to her song diamonds at iTunes festival its a beautiful song and she has such soul when she sings it. 

  • example - All my lows 

We got my best friends tickets for her 21st to see him in cardiff. She asked me to go with her so i though i better listen to his new album and this song for me is one of the best. Its a lot more mixed this album its not all electro and dub step but its still as good. 

  • Washed out - Amor fati 

I have no idea how i fell onto this song but its such a good chillout song. 


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