Saturday, 16 February 2013

Graze boxes

hey guys ,
Ages ago now i tried out the a box of nutritious snacks from Graze. An online company that is always promoting its free graze box deal. While free, you still have to enter your bank detail, if you forgot to cancel it after this free box you will end up paying the 3.89 for a box. Which for me, personally, do not free is worth it. I had in my 4 little sachets ; strawberry milkshake(mini strawberries, white chocolate buttons and banana coins) , korean chilli rice crackers, cranberry and honey nut granola and sticky lemon dip. I like the strawberry milkshake the rest was not great and very dull tasting and to think that if i would have payed 3.89 for tiny portions of this is very hard to swallow. i recommend to the people who actually like some of there foods to go and buy silmiar  products in food stores as the tiny portions with the inflated price is ridiculous. Thank you graze for the free box but you wont be seeing my money and i definitely wouldn't recommend it to you guys. 

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