Monday, 18 February 2013

songs of the week- 18.02.2013

Hey guys,
Monday always comes round really quick. So quite a release of new songs and music this week.
Azealia banks - harlem shake . Here rapping on the new craze dance song current trending across the world. While i do like this song this wasn't suppose to be her new single which once again has been pushed back. Next time azealia when you say a date stick to it. currently a free download.
Marina and the diamonds - E.V.O.L. A valentines gift from marina which isn't on electra heart. While the song isn't anything new, listen to electra heart, it could easily slot onto electra heart so fans of the album should be happy. Its current a free download. 
HAIM- falling. The bbc sound of 2013 pool winners have had a consistent stream of new music release this being a particular favourite of mine of theres. Very close to there other music but more hypnotic. 
John newman - try. From fame with rudimentary where his vocals contribute to my favourite song of 2012 to his own solo music. 

Example - Perfect replacement. Not sure why this song hasnt performed better considering his last album of pretty much the same songs did really well but this song is a classic example tune. 
Bruno mars- Locked out of heaven. Didn't realise i didn't put this song on so a little bit late now but the chorus is just so emotional and listening to bruno's voice never really gets old. 


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