Friday, 14 June 2013

And the trip to Selfridges

So while I was away, I of course bought some clothes. The mental distraction of shopping really helped me keep focused at those rubbish times where revision was essential. It was a quick fix, a drug. In the situation i am currently in, that being i am jobless, i know i should no longer be going shopping. But i do have some money spare but more importantly Mid summer sale. The best time to get your summer essentials. The weather is improving, the clothes are cheap, the festivals are quickly approaching. So yesterday me and a friend, Charlotte Sewell from head over heels blog, went to oxford street for a day of relaxing, browsing even. We first entered the Primark nearest tottenham court road, which really is the best primark in terms of structure and layout. I bought a few items which for the price is a bargain, items are down below. We then strolled down the street until Selfridges and while i had no intention of buying anything in there, charlottes persuasive skills were to too strong for my weak willpower  and i bought some need underwear and a ted baker coat. While my bank account is not happy with me i am extremely satisfied with my new ted baker coat. Photos below. Enjoy.

                      Primark - 5 pound                                                             Primark - 4 pound

                          primark - 6 pound

                      primark - 4 pound

                       primark - 12 pound                                                    primark - 10 pound

                  primark - 6 pound                                       primark - 6.00

primak - 20 pound 

Ted baker coat.  Top - topman. jeans - River island. 
I love this T shirt so thought i would put it in. Topshop.

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