Monday, 17 June 2013

Camden - 16. 6.2013

Here are some, well quite a few, photos of my trip to camden.

Boots - river island. jeans - river island. top - primark.  gilet - primark. beanie - republic. 

To anyone visiting london looking for an amazing market, go to camden . It has an amazing selection of interesting and unique items of clothes and antiques. The food was also rather nice with most stalls having tasters which basically ends up being free food almost everywhere. On a sunday, when i went it was really busy at peak times. I really like the camden area, it has a great history with the punk rock in the 80s which is what the cyberdog area is about and there are certain stores with the clothing for that generation . I did feel that some areas have become to touristy,  with the street you go onto when leaving the camden town tube stop , having many of the same tourist shops which all sell the same crap. It becomes rather annoying and really brings down the area but once you have moved past this part the charm of camden is in the real markets and stylish stable market. I tried a mojito fudge from a little store in the stable market and it was delicious, properly the best fudge i have ever had. While i was there i didn't feel to well which is why i may look a little grumpy/disgusting in my photo. I did have a great day but if i go next time i will be taking more money as there are so many things i want to buy like the tshirts and rugs in the photo above. 

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