Sunday, 9 June 2013

No longer a student

Hey guys,
So I'm no longer a student. My exams are done. My coursework is finished. My flatmate moved out,  leaving me and my other flatmate/ best friend all alone in our London flat. Now to enter the real world, as I'm constantly told by everyone with a job and older than me,  I'm 21 so a lot of people are older than me.
The last week has kinda blown me away by how little i know about life after university. I feel really under prepared and really lost in a number of things i feel that people expect me to know about what i want to do with my life. I feel staying in London and not moving back to Cardiff was quite a substantial move in itself and now i have to find a job. Job hunting is like finding a hat that suits your head. Extremely hard to find and then you find one with the perfect fit and its got some little niggle that you don't like. For me experience and my lack of not really knowing is my little niggle. I'm 21 and i have never had a full time,  part time, student job. I've helped out here and there for family and friend's family but never actually got a job. This is the first time i have actually looked for a job. Hopefully it will go well and i will have an amazing job with tons of money or i get a job that most people have, rubbish pay and really unhappy.  So to the future ... cheers.

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