Friday, 26 April 2013

what richard did - review. (some spoilers )

The irish film, which journeys Richard Karlsen summer before starting university, is a disappointing. I thought parts of the film where really dark and what accounted as a new relationship suddenly spiralled into something a lot more sinister. However given the viewers only glimpses of the relationship it is confusing as to what is actually going on. I felt no real connection between them as i hadn't seen any time together. It seemed that by skipping a large part of the relationship we where just expected to presume they had gone thought a "teenage romance." There should also be a question as the time scale as to this film happens as 2 months seems very extreme for such an intense relationship.  The setting of the film however is brilliant with the loneliness of Ireland's countryside a great backdrop to Richard's struggles. It should also be said that all the actors are good but the actor who plays Richard - Jack Reynor being in particular good. He gave a very believe performance as the main lead. Espically when he was acting with the actor who played his father. I feel like more time portraying his interactions with him would have been more interesting. It was a clever film in some places however with just glimpses of mental instability from Richard leaving me questioning how mentally stable he was.
3 out of 5.

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