Thursday, 25 April 2013

21 songs that define my 21 years

Going through my itunes, i thought i should pick out 21 songs that i think best describes my music life, what i've listened to since i started listening to music. Even though i didn't want to put some of the songs up it wouldn't be right without them. Most of the songs either mean something to me or they remind me of a time and place. like look away by Lissie remind me of last year when i was preparing for exams. It was a highly stressful time in my life so hearing the song kind of panics me but its still a really good song.

Spice girls - wannabe - classic kid song - me and my sister use to sing in the back of the car.

snow patrol and Martha wainwright - set the fire to the third bar. - my old best friend introduced me to it. ever since it has been one of my favourite songs.

Amy Winehouse -  love is a losing game (live). I was well gutted when Amy cancelled her Cardiff shows to go into rehab and i never got to hear her live but this song makes up for it a tiny bit.

boom boom pow - the black eyed peas. When i first started to go out clubbing. vodka and coca cola.

In the shadows -  the rasmus. my goth/ emo phase - it was short lived.

read all about it - professor green feat Emile Sande.

family portrait - pink -

thriller - Micheal Jackson. the best music video of all time. still scares me to this day.

look away - Lissie

lifted - lighthouse family. my mother use to listen to this song when i was a child. it reminds me of Friday nights when she use to get ready to go out.

my delirium - ladyhawke. another favourite song of my all attitude. With a catchy chorus.

naive - the kooks. huge indie hit which in my school seemed to be played everywhere.

Your eyes open - Keane. 14 year old me being dumped.

syd matters - to all of you. The OC.

turin brakes - dark on fire. camping.

lose yourself - Eminem. V festival 2011. best performer the whole weekend.

212- azealia banks. One of the best nights out of my life and hearing this song and just going mental . Although a lot of people don't like Azealia i personally love her. Fiery and whiling to say it how it is. Is that a bad trait? i know she may use words that some people don't particular like but people have to remember its not she who gives the words power, its you. If you let a word like faggot get to you then you have a really problem ahead of you as there is a lot more in the world worse than someone calling you that.

7 days - Craig David. first concert i went to - wasn't in my control.

shes the one - Robbie Williams. singing with my cousins in my nans house.

s club - s club party. 135 crownfield road.

all the small things- blink 182. - American pie marathons.

I feel very nostalgic looking over these. Hopefully more music in the future.

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