Sunday, 14 July 2013

brick lane - 14.07.2013

Sun, food and music. They go so well together and where else to go but brick lane. There was some amazing foods and clothes in the sunday upmarket as well as the backyard market. I didn't put all my photos up as there are tons but put a choice few up, there are still loads tho. Me and charlotte had baklava, spinach feta chicken wraps and had tasters of a few other things. The food there was okay but the baklava was amazing. There was the most nostalgia tshirt ever - the hungry caterpillar. A book that almost everychild must have had as a child. I had a great sunday tho even thought at times i was a bit moody, i'm trying to give up/ restrict my amount of sugar/sweets/chocolate/cake, it's getting quiet hard but i manly feel bad for charlotte as she has to take the brunt of my excessive mood swings. Although she is being lovely and basically has become my personal chef and nutritionist which i love. I'm really getting use to living in london and not being a student, its actually really nice being her in the summer as well and all though i am missing my family its something that i feel i have to do. 
Also the news about Cory Monteith is so sad. I feel truly sad for lea Michele it's just a devastating situation for any person in lea's and his families situation. 

hog roast !!

I love cobbled streets although i hear that there not great if you have heels.(charlotte)

Edina - ab fab without a doubt would wear this. 

we had spinach, feta and chicken wraps there weren't that great. 

these were amazing !!

These leather bags were really cool, well structured and i want one !! they are from beara beara.

I need a new bag or i should haved moved mine. i dont like this photo tho. 

i really like this photo. i was commenting on how i like my trainers. 
Tshirt- topman. shorts - topman. trainers - nike. bag - socal - republic.


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