Monday, 15 July 2013

songs of the week- 15.07.2013

New music day!!! Although only singles this week as there are no new albums out that i am at all interested in, i'm not a robin thicke fan at all.Not all of the songs are out yet though but you can still listen to them on youtube. What people did before youtube is beyond me.  Here are some of my songs this week.
vv brown - samson

mks - flatline.

justin timberlake- take back the night

avril lavigne - heres to never growing up

avicil - wake me up
Will i am and leah mcfall- bang bang
I didn't watch the season of the voice so i wasn't really familiar with any of the contesters on the show but this was suggested to me on youtube and after watch some of the other videos of leah mcfall i am eager awaiting music from this extremely talented, vocally, young lady. I do also think she was robbed and that she should have won. 

ellie goulding -burn. I'm a huge Ellie Goulding fan and am loving here new song its a lot more like i need your love than any other song on Halycon and with the recently announced Halycon days is something to look forward to. 


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