Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The heatwave

The sun is staying forever... well not that long properly but lets not wish the sun away when during the rest of the year were so quick to wish for it. British people love stating/moaning about the weather . I'm really enjoying the temperature i like having seasons and i know during winter when i'm freezing i will be longing for the sun. Also i like having a sun tan even though i'm quite pale and mostly burn, after the burn i go a nice colour. However i am not looking forward to graduating in a suit in this weather its going to be sweaty. Theres no way to make it sound sexy, i'm a sweaty person, i have dealt with that. So for all of summer i try to avoid grey and yes i use deodorant but it doesn't work. Well works for like twenty minutes then a gush of sweat trickles onto my t-shirt, not a pretty site i know. So to conclude - sun=good sweat =bad.
Also i've been shopping again and bought some more T-shirts, i'm a real tshirt whore. i should proper dip my toe into other clothing adventures but i don't feel like buying other items of clothing, its very strange.
river island - sale - 10 pound

primark- 5 pound

primark - 5 pound

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