Sunday, 21 July 2013

graduation is here

No longer a student, no longer getting student loans, an adult (hiss) and really tired. Graduation was  surprising really good and am so glad that i actually did it, i was nervous about walking on stage . The whole day before i was really nervous and couldn't quite understand why i had to wear a suit and then a gown when it was 31 degrees outside. It was completely uncomfortable but so worth it. I was in the second half of my school and was gutted that charlotte wasn't in my section but i was able to watch hers before i went to mine and we had a photo, below, which i don't really like as my sister got a really weird angle. Charlotte should have some photos of graduation on her blog soon. It was really nice spending the day with my family, it was them who had supported me and kind of pushed me, gently, into going to university. It was really strange seeing my mum and sister cry but it was happy tears so it was okay but it was really overwhelming that i had made them so happy and proud and that feels really good. The whole day was quiet nostalgic for me and although at times university has been really overwhelming for me i feel that without university i wouldn't be the person i am now and i'm actually starting to like myself a bit more these days. So to everyone thinking of going to university my advice is- GO!!!!! p,s my sisters photography skills are not good so some of the photos are a bit poo. 
shoes from river island

me and my sister

my sister ,me and my mum 

suit- next. 

charlotte and me.

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