Thursday, 29 August 2013

Carnby street

Hello there people. These photos are from a week ago on Wednesday when i walked around central London all by myself. Pause for awhsss. No iIhad a really good time travelling around central London with my camera but anyway Carnby and Regent street are parallel streets to one another and are quite different. Carnby street is more friendly, less expensive (in terms of shops) and has a more welcoming environment.By that I mean it is smaller so seems more contained where Regent street has tons of cars is really wide and there are tons of people on it. Carnby street has a lot more boutique and smaller shops with less international brands. They recently had a pop up store of Serge DeNimes and at the Bottom have Pretty green. At the top of Carnby street is Liberty which is a department store in a very Victorian looking bulding and while I haven't been in I've been told its pretty beautiful inside. Although Regent street is pretty spectacular in the bulidings on the street there and some of the store there are pretty amazing, hamleys, the apple store and burberry coming to mind. Although the J crew shop which is currently being amassed looks to be very visually attractive in its external appearance. I also went to Wholefood which is just off Regents street, its a american supermarket but there fresh food and cakes look pretty immense compared to the bakery section in our british supermarkets. Anway go visit for yourself it's pretty beautiful area. TTFN.

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