Saturday, 31 August 2013

I'm scared that I can't make them move.

So this past week has gone really fast since Charlotte came back from Reading festival and her cousins on Tuesday. A lot of decisions had to be made about the future for me and Charlotte. As hard as it was to make the decision we both feel that is best to move back to Cardiff and even thought we won't be moving in with one another straight away we will soon be back living with each other. As you can imagine this feeling now is kind of feeling like the end of university for the both of us. No London, no university and no Charlotte. We do still have a few weeks in London and we will be cramming them full of as much as we can and i hope i will be able to show you as much as i can. On Thursday we went to Hyde park and as you can see from above I wore my favourite dark denim acid wash shorts. I love these shorts as there the perfect fit and pretty much go with anything.  I wore the rock paper and scissors top which is from river island and which i properly should have ironed before we left but i love the tattooed design on it. On my wrist are some bracelets from Topman and Primark and more personal are my V festival bands - one from 2011,  the yellow one, and the red 2012 one. On my feet are blue espadrilles from river island which are really not comfy. Enjoy.  

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