Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Covent Garden

Child friendly Covent Garden and the area around are particular beautiful. It reminds me a lot of old Britain with cobbled streets and market places with very British products on sale. It's a lovely place to visit especially on a thursday when they have a food market towards the left of the market if you enter from the same direction as the tube. There are a number of shops, trendy bars and restaurants in the area as well. One of my favourite parts about Covent Garden are the entertainers. Almost every entertainer, wither it be musicians or magicians have been excellent, they have really held the audience and they are not paided by the market ,so I make sure I leave a little donation like a lot of people do as a payment. There are also lots of trend and cute little shops in the market which sell a lot of weird things but make sure if you do visit you go into the Punch and Judy shop which is an old fashioned children's toy shop. Then as your leaving covent garden and your a sweet/chocolate lover like me head to Cyber Candy the sweet shop which imports sweets from all over the world from us Brits to sample but beware they do charge you a lot for it. Enjoy 

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