Monday, 26 August 2013

songs of the week - 26.8.2013

Hello internet.
So the VMAs were on last night and I think by far the biggest shock/horror was Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's blurred lines performance where Miley couldn't have been more sultry or provocative and to be honest looked like she was on drugs the way her tongue was thrown out of her mouth constantly. There was a number of music megastars there with Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and Katy perry preforming. Ellie Goulding was also at the award ceremony promoting her re release of Haylcon, Haylcon days. As i went onto iTunes to buy the new individual tracks because I bought the special edition version of Halycon. There i realised she has made 2 of the new songs album only which i think is disgusting. So after forking out eleven pound the first time for the album she wants me to fork out another eleven pound to get eight new songs and two covers. no thanks Ellie.  This whole re-releasing albums is start to annoy me and I'm sure a lot of other music fans. Either release an Ep at a discounted rate giving the individuals who have bought the album before a chance to buy it at a fair and decent amount or don't do a re-releasing and put the 8 new songs towards a new album. Rant over. enjoy .
   Ellie Goulding - goodness gracious

Ellie Goulding - under control

Naughty Boy and Bastille - no one is here to sleep

Stereophonics - 1000 trees

Lucy Spraggan - mountains

Miley Cyrus - wrecking ball

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