Sunday, 25 August 2013


Soho, what to say about Soho. Well firstly its properly not the best place for kids as you can see from some of the photos there is a healthy sex shop business in the area. It's a very mature and adult place. It is the centre of gay culture in London with old Compton street, where Kylie Minogue is seen walking down in her time bomb video,  being the iconic "gay" street. The place is very friendly and full of restaurants, clothes shops and a particular nice square called Soho square. They have a really cool old tiny house in the middle of the square. Towards the back of the square they have table tennis tables which I think are free but I'm not completely sure, so don't quote me on that. If you walk down old Compton street towards the end you will see Gerry's wine and spirits and they just about have every alcohol you could properly ever imagine in the whole wide world. I love this store. We normally buy banana liqueur from there. In the window you can see tons of bottles of alcohol or shapes and sizes and if your ordering like a 5 litre bottle of Belvedere vodka ,which Is polish vodka, you can also get it delivered which is particular cool. Alcohol delivery could become as big as Dominos pizza if most of the world is as lazy as i am. There are also many gay bars and coffee houses on old Compton street. Soho isn't just confined to being gay or on just one street. One of my favourite restaurants  by the way that it practically almost always full it is a lot of peoples too, is Bodeans. There food/Meat is amazing and if your going there for the first time i would try the burnt ends. Although if you are a vegetarian i doubt  this would be to your taste. Some of the photos above are also from places i like such as the frozen yogurt store called snog and the Bar be at one. If you go in there happy hour drinks are two for one and by god are there cocktails strong . Hope you enjoyed. TTFN

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