Wednesday, 7 August 2013

it was a monday ...

Monday fun day. So last Monday, which is a week last Monday, me and my flatmate/best friend went to Westfield. The Stratford city one. We went shopping and went for drinks in las iguanas and i've only been there once before with friends, even then i didn't eat i just has the pitcher of mango collins cocktails which if I'm honest was a real let down. They diminish the mango taste by adding lemonade which is totally not needed. This time with Charlotte we tried the iguana cosmo. I'm not a huge fan of tequila/rum so i softly ruled them out but Charlotte was happy to try that too... i think. As it was between  12-7 and Sunday to Wednesday we could get one for free. The drink was smooth and tasted a bit sweet but not too sticky. It was really refreshing and strong which was really essential at the time. Shopping can get you thirsty. We then headed for aspers casino which is on the top floor of westfield and is a great place to spend some time but only once and a while. Were not at all gamblers but we like to play the electronic roulette table. We only stayed for about 40 minutes, when our money run out. We then headed home and back to our little flat to watch fringe. I got Charlotte hooked on the show and now we are on season 4 and mid way through. We started watching season 1 in June and we have gone through it really quickly. What were going to watch when we finish fringe is a mystery to me. 

 All the three tops are from Primark my new love as my cash flow dwindles but i am applying for jobs and I will be getting a job soon !!!  I love the American theme going on in stores at the moment. Even though it wont be long in as its just transitional. I am dreading winter as I don't have many winter clothes so will need to stock up my wardrobe.

Las iguanas cocktail menu.

my new bedding- what a child I am.

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