Friday, 9 August 2013

London to Cardiff.

Last weekend I travelled back to my home town of cardiff, going back for my Grampys birthday BBQ. It was a really good weekend and the BBQ itself was fun, Getting to see family members from my fathers side of the family. Catching up on all the family drama/events that i have missed out on or even if i have been told, people still feel the need to tell me again to amplify the importance of the gossip. Even more importantly is that I had a role to play in the BBQ in that I was BBQ man and what pissed me off properly more than anything is that a certain member of the family, my dad's wife, had the need to seem shocked that I was doing something. What she needs to remember is that i don't need to do stuff for them to like me. It's not that i don't like to help but lets say I do the dishes my Grampy would get annoyed and tell me to stop and then he would do the dishes. So not only am i not helping, i'm actually making the situation worse because I'm taking him away from his birthday celebration. Apart from that and my dad being my dad it was a lovely time with the whole family being there.
 Just like when i got to go and see my friends which was also hilarious. We all went to Jess's house to chat and order food, they ordered pizza which i wasn't really feeling so didn't eat. When we got there Jess had a task for me, her and Hannah. The three people in that group of friends to go to v festival. The packing away of her pop up tent. This contraption was a pain in the arse because we had no idea how to put it down. Thankfully youtube saved us. Seriously though without youtube we would have been screwed and apparently just jumping on it and trying to flatten it doesn't work :P It was lovely to see them all though, being around people who your so comfortable with is really relaxing, wishing that I could stay in Cardiff for more time but London is where I have to be at the moment.  Here are some photos of my trip from London to Cardiff sorry for the rubbish photos but it's really hard to take photos from a moving megabus!!

V and A

natural history museum 

old seven bridge

Toll bridge

Cardiff university 

Cardiff crown court at the end. cardiff museum to the right. 

Oceana nightclub which i frequently visited on a monday night. 

cardiff castle.

Duke street arcade.

Another of the many arcades.

My cat finding some shade. 

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